Friday, February 13, 2009

Kombo Breaker - Episode 15: Jeff Cannata and the NYCC

How goes it, tricks!? Another episode of Kombo Breaker on another Friday and you'd swear this thing is legitimate. It is, by the way, so don't go closing your media player when the boss comes by. This here is intelligent discussion!

What a show! What a week! If you folks haven't heard of Totally Rad Show (TRS for short) then it's time you get learned. Jeff Cannata, of the series, was kind enough to stop by and blow our minds with a high level of gaming discussion and concept. We talked Killzone 2, FEAR 2, love for the PS3 and a little discussion about the Wii's effect on the industry. Joey told everyone about a dog with herpes and then we talked about the New York Comic Con. The episode is packed with upcoming gaming content, so if you're wondering about the stuff ahead (The Conduit, Prototype, Battlefield 1943, Killzone 2, Street Fighter 4, Fear 2, MadWorld, etc.), then I suggest you tune in.

We're trying to make guests a weekly-ish deal on the show, so stay with us and enjoy. Hit the forums for some show note action. You'll find points of discussion, trailers, links and maybe a few convos about the show.


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