Friday, March 6, 2009

Kombo Breaker - Episode 18: Gamehunters in the Wild!

Welcome back friends! Kombo Breaker continues this week with the 18th episode
behind us. You better believe it. As with the rest of our recent shows, we've managed to bring some guest action around. This time we've got the guys behind USA Today's latest endeavor into the gaming world, Mike Snider and Brett Molina. Mike and Brett formed Game Hunters, a blog dedicated to news, interviews and snippets of the industry. And it's so fresh it still has that wonderful new blog smell. We here at Kombo have to buy the silly, hangy, tree car thingies in order to get that smell. It's so......artificial.

They say they're "In search of video games and interactive awesomeness"... You be the judge. It's a great site with a solid tone and a fresh design. They've already snagged talks with Will Arnett and Neil Patrick Harris in their young 48 hours of operation. So get in there!

On the standard fare side of things, we talk the upcoming remake of A Boy and His Blob, retro games for the PSP, why Dan's a jerk and we announce what's coming next week. Next week? Next week we've got Glenn Gamble, one of the guys from Terminal Reality. Terminal reality, of course, is the house that's building Ghostbusters. Nerd-out-city...


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