Saturday, October 10, 2009

Kombo Breaker - Episode 46: Tony Hawk: Ride!

How about this time we talk about Tony Hawk: Ride? Okay, we weren't really asking... we're telling you. Kombo Breaker is back from two weeks in the nether to give you an interview with Josh Tsui, President of Robomodo. Robomodo, if you didn't know, is the developer behind Activision's Tony Hawk: Ride.

Josh talked at length about the Tony Hawk: Ride skateboard, the need to refresh an old series and one of the office folk that can't help but stand on the board whilst posing like he has little T-Rex arms. Which is more shocking, that image or the length of that last run-on sentence? You decide!

Join us for another episode of Kombo Breaker. The audio gets a little scratchy at times, but those interested in Tony Hawk: Ride need to listen.


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